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Banquet night winners 2019

Banquet night winners 2019

Raffle Draw Date: 03-23-2019

Odds: N/A

Ticket Price:

Prizes: N/A

Status: Raffle is currently closed.

$10 deck of cards

Jason Lucius           450 Ruger,

Justin Kis,            Delton AR-15,

Cavin Manning          450 Ruger,

Angela Hall            308 Ruger,

Heather Pendleton      Taurus 38,

Elliott Nakarishi      XDS 45, 

Charles Rieki          Delton,

Colin Lange            Savage camo 223,

Tony Consolo           Winchester 12 gauge,

Shelley Leiter         Ruger 450,

Amy Portentoso         Delton,

David Butzier          XDS 45,

Doug Defray            Judge,

Trisha Reinhart        Ruger 450,

Eric Reinhart          TC 22-250,

Dave Lucius            Delton,

Richard Miller         Savage 223,

Jeff Haas -            S&W Shield deal of night

??????                 Savage Axis 223 deal of night

Chris Cameron          SW 38 Special reverse pink

Jacob Lucius           mystery gun

Don Hunter             Browning Citori auction

David Butzier,         pick a chic

Nicholas Willeke       Taurus Spectrum jump the bid

Robert Grine           Winchester SXP 20 gauge Wildlife wheel

Tom Renninger          Ruger am 450 bush mystery gun II


$20 Deck of cards,

Anthony Consolo        Remington R1 1911

Judy Hooten            Browning BPS

Travis Bohn            Stevens 555   

Brian Laughlin         Henry 45-70

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Raffle Closed

This raffle is closed. Thank you for the past entries.